Thursday, 30 October 2008

Josh Saco Knows Good Horror

The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari - German - 20 - Scary? not the point. Beautiful. Inspirational. Ground breaking. You watch this film and spend most of it in awe, and once that wanes you spend the rest of it spotting all the things other film makers have nicked to make their film better.

Repulsion - UK - 65 - Most of the time when you think of Polanski and horror, you think Rosemary’s Baby, but this is his first non polish outing and is a wonderful creeping sleeper of a horror film. Days later you start thinking about this and relating. Also a pretty raunchy sex bit, which was a first.

Peeping Tom - UK - 60 - Before Psycho, there was Pepping Tom, Hitchcock took inspiration and managed to out shine this. PT destroyed an otherwise well respected director and he never managed to recover. For the first time ever, we relate to the villain, we almost pity him as he kills pretty girls on the set of a Carry On film.

El Orfanato - Spain - 07 - Creepy, positively creepy. Del Toro produced this masterpiece about a mother who’s child has vanished from the old haunted orphanage they just moved into. But then was what you just watched a horror film? or...

Tale of Two Sisters - Korea - 03 - The Koreans really do horror well. Breathtaking cinematography, gorgeous settings never fail to unnerve you. A classic tale of the two sisters and an evil step mother. About to be remade and destroyed in the states, see it now so you can be cool. Wait for the twist.

Honourable Mentions:
Ring - See it or you’re a twat

Devil’s Backbone - evil kids, nuff said
Hellraiser - But you’ve already seen this

Audition - Korea - What the FUCK is in that bag?!

Tombs of the Blind Dead - Zombie HORSES!!! Awesome!

Ichi the Killer - You can’t handle this much goreFaust - Horribly over looked classic Ils - Scary, scary French horror

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