Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Channel 4 Television, 4 x 3 minutes

Tuesday 1 September to Friday 4 September 2009, 7.55pm

Filmmakers ASHLEY JONES and MELINDA McDOUGALL collaborate with photographer JACK BARNES to make this series of beautifully shot, revealing interviews with people working in or affected by the UK strip industry.
Relaxed legislation and increased commercialisation has fuelled the rise in popularity of lap dancing and strip clubs. Since licensing laws changed in 2003, the number of these venues has doubled in the UK. Once confined to the sleazy districts of big cities, there are now over 300 clubs dotted throughout the UK's town centres and high streets. Strip clubs have gone mainstream and are now an essential part of stag parties, nights out with the boys and even corporate hospitality. At a time when campaign groups are lobbying for tighter controls, these films explore the secret worlds of a club owner, a regular punter, a protestor and a dancer.

Episode 1 - THE CLUB OWNER (Tuesday 1st September 2009, 7.55pm)

“I don’t think any mother would want their daughter to be a stripper. I’m sure my mum didn’t want me to be a stripper. Lucky for her, I didn’t have the figure…”
A club owner talks about running a successful strip pub with her mum.

Episode 2 - THE PUNTER (Wednesday 2nd September 2009, 7.55pm)

“Purely because you know you aren’t going to sleep with the girls, it makes it much easier for chaps to talk to them. They’re real people. They happen to perform naked.”
A regular punter explains why he loves the welcoming atmosphere of a strip pub.

Episode 3 - THE PROTESTOR (Thursday 3rd September 2009, 7.55pm)

My daughter will be able to see this club from her bedroom window. I can’t imagine any father would be happy about that. I don’t want my daughter to think that’s normal behaviour.
A protestor explains why he believes the lap dancing club opening at the end of his street is a bad idea.

Episode 4 - THE DANCER (Friday 4th September 2009, 7.55pm)

“Narrow-minded people do link strippers to prostitution... but I would always say that I’m not actually selling my body, I’m selling the idea of my body.”
A dancer reveals why she enjoys taking her clothes off in front of hundreds of men every week.


Directed and produced by ASHLEY JONES & MELINDA McDOUGALL
Executive Producer: DAVID BOND
Camera: JACK BARNES / Editor: MARIA ZEB BENJAMIN / Original Music: DAVID EDWARDS / Sound Design: FINN CURRY / Post Production: ENVY POST

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Friday, 31 July 2009

i just tore my damned weave out...

Many women i abusive relationships choose to stay in that relationship through fear, because of the hold their partner has over them. For those who decide to leave there are women's shelters they can run to in hope of starting their lives again.
But what happens when 100% of state funding for domestic violence shelters is cut? (they rely on 35% funding from the state) never gonna happen, right?


Governor of California, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger has done just that. along with:

$8.3 - California Conservation Corps
$6.2 - Aging
$25 - Community Clinic Grants
$37.5 - In-Home Health Services
$12 - Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Services
$16.3 - Domestic Violence Reduction Program
$50 - Early Start Children's Program
$4.1 - Mental Health Caregivers Resource Center
$2 - CalGrant Student Aid Commission
$25 - Funding for State Employee Healthcare Costs
$27.8 - Williamson Act (helps restrict land to agricultural or related open space use)
$24 - Department of Finance Emergency Funds

I am far from being a radical Feminist, but this is something that hits home to me. I know women that have benefited and have been able to put their lives back together after hideous abuse due to Women's Shelters and the staff that work there.

Surely SuperObama can step in ad bitchslap the Nazi sympathizer...

SOURCE: http://www.feministing.com/archives/016975.html