Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Nikesh Shukla's top 5 scary movies

1) Carry on Screaming - the fact that you could grow werewolves from severed fingers scared me so much as a child.

2) The Lost Boys - who says vampires need to be scary. Sometimes they just wanna rock out to Inxs and get juiced up.

3) The Grudge (Japanese version) - that low rumbling throaty noise that accompanies every sighting of the spectre is pretty chilling.

4) Blade - not strictly horror but anything with vampires and samurai-welding nutcases who don't do their taxes properly is alright with me.
5) Witchfinder General - quite chilling and full of boobies to boot, which made a nice contrast from all the gut-wrenching political evil and macabreness going on.

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