Friday, 31 July 2009

i just tore my damned weave out...

Many women i abusive relationships choose to stay in that relationship through fear, because of the hold their partner has over them. For those who decide to leave there are women's shelters they can run to in hope of starting their lives again.
But what happens when 100% of state funding for domestic violence shelters is cut? (they rely on 35% funding from the state) never gonna happen, right?


Governor of California, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger has done just that. along with:

$8.3 - California Conservation Corps
$6.2 - Aging
$25 - Community Clinic Grants
$37.5 - In-Home Health Services
$12 - Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Services
$16.3 - Domestic Violence Reduction Program
$50 - Early Start Children's Program
$4.1 - Mental Health Caregivers Resource Center
$2 - CalGrant Student Aid Commission
$25 - Funding for State Employee Healthcare Costs
$27.8 - Williamson Act (helps restrict land to agricultural or related open space use)
$24 - Department of Finance Emergency Funds

I am far from being a radical Feminist, but this is something that hits home to me. I know women that have benefited and have been able to put their lives back together after hideous abuse due to Women's Shelters and the staff that work there.

Surely SuperObama can step in ad bitchslap the Nazi sympathizer...


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